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Kana →
A lyrical exploration of the wonders of nature, and a father's quest to express those to his children

The Nature of Walls →
Wherever people live, they build walls. What the walls do for them, and to them, is less apparent.

The Sound of Migration →
A pregnant ecologist turns her gaze both inward and outward, weaving observations of her own body with those of migrating birds as she undergoes amniocentesis and ponders the meaning of transitions.

Tommie T, 11/04/10:

Mexico’s claim to the Amerian SW was weak at best.  The Pope gave it to Spain.  Spain gave it to…


I need information on global water crisis, agricultural and the tensions.
I need this for a presentation in Physical…

ticnet, 10/04/08:

I think solution might be to send one Republican nativist south for every Mexican coming north. Perhaps they would return…

melissa picoli, 09/21/08:

Wow Lindy. Your comments above add a dynamic perspective to this very strong piece of writing. I am a legal…