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1 Ginny Grinevitch on Feb 24, 2011

Wow!  I love it. The onus should be to prove chemical is safe BEFORE it is utilized and released into the environment, not to prove it is harmful after the fact.

2 Rachel Kerr on Feb 24, 2011

thank you! a fabulous article…brings it all together wonderfully.  and now-what to do?  support EWG.  contact our representatives.  any other ideas? 

i frequently post similar information on FB, and rarely do these posts even get comments!  it is mind-boggling to me that there isn’t more popular outrage over the poisoning of our environment and our children.

3 Carol Van Petten on Feb 24, 2011

Excellent article! Shades or Rachel Carson.  As a neurologist, I see a many kinds of disturbances of the nervous system, and very few answers in many cases as to the cause. We really cannot test for so many of the potential or known toxins.  Mercury and lead are just the tip of the iceberg.
It really bothers me that so little attention is given CAUSATION - in medicine, and public policy.
Thank you so much for this.
I agree with Rachel Kerr: what are best vehicles or “interest groups” to bring this to wider attention.

4 Paul G. King, PhD on Feb 24, 2011

While I found this article well written and compelling, I was taken aback by your lack of understanding and dismissal of the mercury in medicine issue.

From the words you used, it is clear to me that you have apparently been brain washed by the Establishment’s propaganda and have not, as I have, studied this issue for more than a decade.

Factually, mercury compounds are 10 to 100 times as toxic as the corresponding lead compounds.

In addition, sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate, the mercury compound used in vaccine is clearly “exquisitely” toxic to humans at mercury levels in developing children below 0.005 micrograms of mercury per kilogram of body mass (or < 5 nanograms of mercury per kilogram of body mass) and is typically more than 10 times as toxic to developing neurons, astrocytes, and fetal skin cells than methylmercury hydroxide.

Moreover, because it is bolus dosed directly into the human body, the doses of mercury injected into our children from vaccines preserved with this ethyl mercury compound are much more toxic than the mercury consumed in food as well as that inhaled from the air we breathe.

5 Frank Pitz on Feb 25, 2011

“Shades of Rachel Carson is right.  Many researchers have known for years that this is our (we humans), “Silent Spring.”

6 Mary Akers on Feb 25, 2011

Wonderful. Thank you.

7 George Verdon on Feb 25, 2011

Very alert observations… and our world can be enhanced by the brain being an actual electric powerhouse of thought, activity and Health.  I am still an advocate by continmually reminding people to be “Earthen contact with the Earth…for total natural health…as best we can in our world of “Special Agendas”. I can’t advertize my book but the benefits are very effective…for total natural health! Ask Orion?
George Verdon Author

8 Ed Holmes Psy.D on Feb 25, 2011

Good article to increase AWARENESS of these risks.  So many of our products and industries create these hidden expenses.  This has to be taken seriously.

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