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Discuss: America the Possible: A Manifesto, Part I



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169 mike k on Mar 30, 2012

Nice quote Steve, I love it. There was a guy willing to call a spade a spade, no screwing around with a lot of false politeness or sterile “objectivity”.

170 Simple-Unhooked-Living on Apr 10, 2012

@Atlasphere: Right on…“we cannot change things by fighting the existing reality, but by building a new model that makes the old model obsolete”. Change will accelerate when the people who are unhappy with the current system can agree to stop feeding the beast! That alone takes a lot of guts and solidarity and you will all have to go through a time of radical simplicity because paradigm shifting disrupts the status quo. To prepare holistically, check out the e-book I put up at This is not flagrant self-promotion, but a sincere effort to get people to act, and to understand the forces arrayed against us.

171 Manly Norris on Apr 14, 2012

I am amazed at the level of cynicism in many of these responses. They remind me of a passage from one of Thomas Berry’s books:

“When the absurdity of progress through exponential growth was indicated a few years ago in a work entitled The Limits to Growth, a general outcry could be heard across the country. That outcry was more than a justified criticism of the specific data or the time scale of future events. It was resentment against the indication that the dynamism of our consumer society was the supreme pathology of all history.” - Thomas Berry

172 mike k on Apr 14, 2012

Manly — I am honestly puzzled by your comment. What is the cynicism in these comments that amazes you? Although I am an admirer of Thomas Berry’s work, I don’t quite get his drift in the comment you quoted. Could you explain a little more what you are seeking to express? Respectfully, mike k.

173 eric on Apr 14, 2012

interesting comment and long but it does help me thinking what is ahead of me in the future. tell you truth, i’m not prepared for it. Truth is brutal to handle! anyway, i thought that i suggest this website.

174 Martin on Apr 15, 2012

I’m always amazed when people quote some supposed sage, who publicly professes to be an adherent of woo-woo religious irrationalism. Thomas Berry’s words about consumerism are rich,coming from someone who sees “divinity” in talking snakes and ancient scrolls and water-walkers.
As for “consumerism,” it’s pretty much a human way of life, just taken to unfortunate extremes when unregulated.
The pithy and scientific destruction of the nonsense term “sustainable” was - thanks for the link.

175 mike k on Apr 15, 2012

Contempt for things one does not know is a symptom of an insecure ego hiding from the reality of its own ignorance.

176 Mafe on Apr 16, 2012

I am from LA…I guess I appreciate the greatness of America more than you gringos….Since Monroe’s Doctrin you have taught us the pride of our countries and our people…your American private corporations have brougth to our LA underdeveloped countries the expectations for a better life improving our EEO laws and policies, have shared the importance of human rigths and respect for the unions….. I guess that having it all make you want more…probably you are starting a generational change…and it is time to take individual actions to improve rather than expecting the government do all the work….

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