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1 mike k on Jul 04, 2012

A 4th of July wish list? I thought Xmas and New Years were the times to launch such missives into the skies of magical possibilities. Maybe Derrick is doing this to remind us how totally impossible it is to get any of these wishes/demands fulfilled through the ordinary channels that we are constantly told are the proper means for accomplishing social changes. The same channels that have been carefully rigged to eliminate any chance that they might work to get you what you want. Ergo: on to the revolution! The sad truth is that hasn’t worked either. And never will.

Never until we meet the enemy: us. Yes, the old possum was wiser than most of his human cousins. We are the problem. And nothing is going to really change for the better until we fix us. Or better, transform ourselves. Because there is so much about us that needs to change, a few repairs to the old model just aren’t going to cut it. We need a whole new model, with completely new and fundamentally altered programming.

Is such a radical makeover possible? Yes, the basic instructions to do this have been around a long time in various formulations. The generic name for them is “spiritual paths”.  Am I talking about religion? No, things classified under that heading have generally gone so fundamentally awry that they no longer qualify as true paths. They have been corrupted over time in the same manner as all the other institutions of culture all over the planet. Of course there are exceptions, but they are relatively miniscule in the big picture.

How does one find these transformative methods? You look, you seek them out. Then you will need to join with a few others to translate them into understandings and procedures that will be effective for inhabitants of the “modern” world. There is a lot of work to be done (in former times it was known as The Great Work) but the reward of a new human and a new world are well worth it. Let’s get started!  (Like Derrick I am filled with an insane and unreasonable hope sometimes, that folks will wake from their lethal trance and suddenly start working to save themselves. Forgive me. The deafening silence that usually meets my offerings will undoubtedly sober me up, and return me to an uneasy foreboding about our future as a species.)

2 Pler on Jul 06, 2012

Revolution has worked. it’s the only thing that ever has. It may not work every-time. But it’s the only viable option.

Waiting for everyone-else to wake-up is suicide. “be the change..” is inverted.

3 Mike Lewinski on Jul 06, 2012

!) Removing the dams will require a substantial amount of energy. If not done with care, it will devastate wildlife.  At five dams per day, we’re still talking 40 years during which time we need some amount of oil and gas and other resources to remove the dam materials.

I like the idea of removing all dams. I just don’t see it happening without some degree of technology that is elsewhere being rejected in this document.

2) Voluntary cooperation is the only sustainable basis for society. Many, if not virtually all the members of the society that I live in want to have the technologies that are being rejected here.

I fear that the change will not happen until nature makes it happen. That doesn’t seem to me to be far off either. Have a look at the number of reported bird and fish kills in the United States in just the last few weeks:,-92.710395&spn=30.80044,60.117188

4 Pler on Jul 06, 2012

The most important thing is ending this culture. temporary destruction to wildlife and people…is a better alternative than business-as-usual.

There are no good options. There are no easy-outs or viable easy-transitions.

5 mike k on Jul 06, 2012

Pler — If revolution works so well, why are we where we are now? Have you checked out what is going on in Egypt these days? That was so predictable. Putting one’s faith in revolution is like doing the same old things we have done throughout history, and expecting different results.

6 mike k on Jul 06, 2012

Pler — Ending this culture appeals to those better at tearing things down than they are at building something new. This culture really does not need a lot of help to destroy itself. If you just step back and let it fall, you will save yourself a lot of energy which could then be used to create something better to build on the ashes.

7 Pler on Jul 06, 2012

@Mike -

Pie in the sky.

I never said revolution worked well - I said that it’s the only thing that has ever worked.

Any time people have gained liberation from oppression, some force has been required. I don’t think that now is any exception either

I know that civilization will collapse itself eventually. I don’t want to wait around that long. I don’t want to wait until Tigers have gone extinct…I don’t want to wait until there are no more grizzly bears or wild salmon..old growth forests..prairies..or wild humans. I don’t want to wait until our toxic body burdens are all too much to bare.

Your complacency in the face of injustice, ecocide, and mass-murder is not wisdom. it’s absurd.

8 Treothe Bullock on Jul 06, 2012

Thank you Derrick for the specifity of your clarities.

This agreement already exists among the elders of our landscapes - and this is the path with the vitality of life!

The singing revolution of Estonia is a nonviolent template for successful sudden revolution.

The destroyers foster a trance of dependency which lives through the surrender of personal/collective power. As we gain awareness that the true power is with the earth and come to this collective realization there will be a sudden powerful change.

May we all feed this alliance with the deep sacred beauty of the Mystery of existence on this brilliant planet and collectively say STOP to the destruction.It is life that we all truly want to say YES Too!

Eeeeee Hychka!

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