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Discuss: The Fracking of Rachel Carson



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1 Michael Eure on Aug 23, 2012

If fracking is allowed to continue we will see a significant rise in cancers of all types as well as other diseases caused by pollution. I have no doubt that the people making loads of money off this practice will receive their proper punishment. Karma is physics, for every action there is an opposite but equal reaction. The Death of the Sea is near and one half of the world’s population depends on protein from the sea as their main source of sustenance. Are these people insane, immoral, or care more about money than their fellow human beings. Probably all of the above, I hope they get exactly what they deserve.

2 Joel Chudnow on Aug 23, 2012

It’s not us and them. It’s all us. We must become better at helping profiteers see the need for a purified and and sustainable planet. They need peace and love to see more clearly.

3 Byron Smith on Aug 24, 2012

Beautifully written, moving piece.

Thank you.

4 Patrick Groneman on Aug 24, 2012

Thank you for such a well written, piece, placing this struggle in the greater context of human rights and environmental activism.

I’d like to offer the suggestion, (and request!) to add any and all citations of facts / reports in the article.  I have read many of them independent of this article, and find it could only strengthen the cause to keep our data and info strongly entwined with our calls to action.

Thanks again for a lovely piece.

5 mike k on Aug 24, 2012

The obsession for money destroys morality. Reason and science count for nothing with those intent on profits. Our world is being poisoned and destroyed for profit.

6 Joel Chudnow on Aug 24, 2012

I’m holding on to hope, Mike. I do what I can locally and I feel our collective intentions to raise the conciousness to a new and clean way to treat one another and sustain our planet is in process. Be patient and work hard!

7 Joanne Cipolla-Dennis on Aug 24, 2012

we fight because there is no other alternative, we cannot lose, there is no other planet to move to, we continue each day because to not fighting is unacceptable. We have already solved the issue facing our very survival and future with solar, wind, geo thermal, and sunflower and hemp can revolutionize farming, re invigorate manufacturing and create jobs nationally. Subsidies that now go to already wealthy polluting oil and gas companies should go to farmers willing to grow our food and fuels which are compatible, clean the air and do not pollute. There are so many fronts to be present….see you on the beaches

8 Monica Buccheri on Aug 24, 2012

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