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1 mike k on Dec 21, 2012

Pandora’s boxes indeed. Scientists are avid for money, prestige, knowledge—but not wisdom. The seventh generation mind is not in them. Just grab the money and the fame and run with it—never look back, or ahead. ‘A little learning is a dangerous thing drink deep or taste not the Pierian spring…’  Sorcerers apprentices run amok in a world too deep for them to understand. Pulling things apart without a clue how to put them together again. And these ‘scientists’ pretend to deserve our respect. I fear their tampering and hold them in contempt for their mindless greed and lack of concern for the harm they do. They are willing tools in the hands of the dark elites who rule our world.

2 Jean on Dec 21, 2012

How can we put stuff out into the environment that we know nothing about??Very scary

3 mike k on Dec 21, 2012

We do it all the time Jean. Our chemical companies release hundreds of new chemicals into the environment every year with almost none of them (like 99%) being tested for toxicity. And we wonder why cancer is a modern epidemic. When several prominent people including Bill Moyers had their blood tested with sophisticated methods, they were all contaminated thoroughly with know carcinogens like PCB’s and Dioxin, etc, You can bet we are too, all of us.

4 RRR on Dec 22, 2012

Heather - great article, thank you. I’d like to learn more about this topic including other researchers work. I am very concerned about nanoparticles weathering into our groundwater. This seems possible given the existence of them in items as common as socks and chewing gum. I enocourage and welcome more articles about this, as well as guidance towards more sources.

5 martha ruhe on Dec 22, 2012

The article states that nanoparticles exist in nature. Does the Duke study involve research that examines the origin, and behavior of “natural” nanoparticles? I am not a scientist, but it would seem to be one of the first questions to answer. The article did not provide very much information on the presence of non-manmade nanoparticles. I understood from the article that scientists “discovered” nanoparticles—-and consequently found a way to manufacture them. I also wonder if the man-made nanoparticles are physically/chemiclly the same as the “natural” nanoparticles?  This is not to suggest that positing questions regarding the wisdom or safety of ubiquitous and high dose levels of industrial application—-is not important or necessary, and should occur prior to wholesale distribution on a massive scale and consequent introduction into the environment.

6 Darla on Dec 22, 2012

“It Takes A Nano To Beat A Nano”  These unimaginable new inventions.. for what reason? I am not sure, except to pump up someone’s payscale, or more job security for scientists, since they are running out of things to research.  However, on the counter side of “what do we do about this…” I suggest drinking the negatively charged ‘ION-MIN’ type of Terramin clay, that remove toxins, of any type of contaminating substances, until they figure out what this ‘Pandora’s Box’ is actually capable of.  It can’t be very beneficial if it permeates everything it comes in contact with.  I will personally keep removing toxic things from my body and staying alkaline seems to be the big key to a lot of imbalances in the ‘bio’ worlds. Even drinking a true apple cider vinegar is an alkaline producing tonic for a lot of these ailments caused by toxin overload. 
“It takes a nano to beat a nano.”

7 Darla on Dec 22, 2012

“Curiosity Killed The Cat..”  I’m not sure what the cat was getting into… but evidently he didn’t either! It seems a crazy and reckless move to saturate several types of consumer goods, food and lotions used on children, when you don’t even know how they will effect cells in humans or the environment on a long term basis. If this ‘Pandoras Box’ isn’t the ..“Curiosity TO Kill The Cat..” I don’t know what is!

8 David M on Dec 23, 2012

The upside of nanotechnology appears to be narrow and specific. The downside is a grey goo world. Kind of like nuclear those are bad odds.

Perhaps scientific endeavors are too potentially dangerous to be left to scientists. We need folks with broad wisdom to offer up some parameters.

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