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Audio Slide Show: The Fracking of Rachel Carson

August 22, 2012

Summary: Author Sandra Steingraber, who is at the forefront of efforts to halt fracking across the Marcellus Shale deposits, reads excerpts from her essay about the fiftieth anniversary of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, accompanied by a full portfolio of fracking photos by Nina Berman.

Author: Sandra Steingraber

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1 Marc Mullinax on Aug 24, 2012

Last two minutes, with the author’s questions, are very powerful. They should be the same questions we pose to ourselves

2 Ellen Newton Duell on Aug 24, 2012

I am passionately devoted to preventing fracking and use of injection wells for fracking wastewater.  Thank you for this excellent article.  And deep gratitude to Rachel Carson.

3 joan meierotto on Aug 24, 2012

Very well done.
  Thank you Sandra and Rachel.

4 Jim on Aug 24, 2012

Unfortunately, the video won’t load on my mac for some reason.

5 Angela Monti Fox, The Mothers Project on Aug 24, 2012

Thanks you Sandra for this wonderful piece that will help us all in providing another voice for this hydrofracking tragedy.

An excellent teaching tool to help inform those who are still without real knowledge and truth.
Angela Monti Fox

6 John Trallo on Aug 25, 2012

I mourn for my home state, Pennsylvania, the largest continuous stretch of forest land in North America, and for the future generations who will never know the asthetic beauty, pure water, clean air, and way of life that was once Pennsylvania.

7 cyril robinson on Aug 25, 2012

fracking is the pollution that Rachel Carson fought against and the way to remember her is to carry on her fight. We must think of her as ever-present urging us on as a figure likeJoan of Arc with her standard flying as she marches in front of this sacred environmental army.

8 Pauline Matt on Aug 25, 2012

Oh my, Nothing to say…just a deep hurtful cry.

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