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January/February 2007




read article Green Rage

By Matt Rasmussen Illustrations by Linda Zacks

Were the six environmentalists sentenced to prison in Eugene, Oregon terrorists, as the government claims? Or were they first-responders to a planetary emergency?


read article Fictitious Landscapes

Paintings and text by Peter Edlund

Revisiting the iconography of Ansel Adams


read article The Bare Boughs of Winter Trees

by Roger Pinckney

A deathbed vigil, an unrepentant patriot, and a nuclear madness call forth questions of faith.


read article Tracking Tar

by William L. Fox

Beneath the streets of L.A., geology is dramatic, and more nuanced than Hollywood's most dazzling special effects make it out to be.


read article The Leadership Imperative

An interview with Oren Lyons, by Barry Lopez

The roots of democracy extend further back than is commonly acknowledged, to a time when leadership, spirituality, and ecology were deeply intertwined.


read article Whitefoot

by Wendell Berry

In a parable for our time, spring floods launch a small creature on a great adventure.


read article A Rare Bird

photographs and text by Jason Houston

An innovative strategy marries a U.S. conservation group with activist in a Nicaraguan rain forest.



read article Making Other Arrangements

by James Howard Kunstler photographs by David Maisel

James Howard Kunstler's plea: Get over the car and get real about living in an oil-scarce future. Read the article, then tell us (and everybody else) about your own "other arrangements" for a more sustainable life.


From the Faraway Nearby

read article Some Monsters Die Slowly

by Rebecca Solnit

As the average attention span grows ever shorter, we're apt to miss out on many happy endings.


The Tangled Bank

read article The Territory of Tint

by Robert Michael Pyle

What constitutes a Kodak moment may range widely among humans, even wider among Fidos and fritillaries.


Lay of the Land


Sacred & Mundane

read article The Greenest Noodle

by Lou Bendrick

"Organic" "processed" "foods."


Sacred & Mundane

read article In Praise of Old Maps

by Paul Gilmore

Revelling in a treasure trove of maps.


Sacred & Mundane

read article The Moss Shall Set Them Free

by Nalini M. Nadkarni

The Moss-in-Prisons project is one part of a nascent effort to counteract the destructive effects of collecting wild-grown mosses from old-growth forests for the floral trade.


Point of View

read article The Limits of Ethical Capitalism

by Jeff Goodell

Doing good by doing well isn't necessarily enough.


Health and the Environment

read article Fahrenheit 59

by Audrey Schulman

Can a child's fever point toward a prescription for our troubled planet?


Blueprint for Change

read article Homegrown Standards

by Ari LeVaux

"Organic" takes on new meaning as it returns to its local roots.


Orion Grassroots Network

read article Limestone Cowboy

an interview with Robert Hughes

Spotlight: Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation



read article Identity's Edge

by Andrea Jones

There should be more than this flimsy dermal bubble separating the vastness of the cosmos from the throb of blood and consciousness that is you.



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