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January/February 2009




read article To the Dairy Queen and Back

by John Landretti

A familiar journey can be anything but, if you pay it the proper attention.

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read article Am I Still Here?

by Anthony Doerr

Someone might be sending you an e-mail right now. Shouldn't you check?

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read article Uranium Mining, Native Resistance, and the Greener Path

by Winona LaDuke

While the world considers an alternative energy future, the future hangs in the balance for many indigenous communities.

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read article Fairy Tales of the Atomic Age

by Joni Tevis

A trip through the looking glass at a Tennessee tourist attraction.

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read article Human/Nature

by Laurel Braitman

What happens when a museum and a conservation organization join forces to dispatch artists to World Heritage sites? See the article for 9 video interviews with the artists involved.

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read article Nuclear Caribou

by Mark Dowie

Who and what lies between the mining corporations and the uranium needed to power a nuclear renaissance?

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read article Climate Revelations

by Auden Schendler

A self-described atheist discovers that he must bring God into the climate conversation.

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LA by Car: A Farewell Tour

Photos and text by Jeff Jacobson

The defining city of the twentieth century, observed through the windshield of the twenty-first.


Each Other—Where We Are

read article A Bunny Runs Around a Tree

by Sandra Steingraber

Pondering self-reliance in the age of Velcro sneakers

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From the Faraway Nearby

read article Elegy for a Toxic Logic

by Rebecca Solnit

The economic crisis may be the best opportunity we've had in a long while.

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Lay of the Land


Sacred & Mundane

read article My Space

by Hannah Holmes

Adopting a very personal defensive perimeter

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Sacred & Mundane

read article A Share in the Shear

by Wendy Williams

The story of the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm

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Point of View

read article A Failure to Communicate

by Randy Olson

Activists should speak their minds, but they need to consider speaking for other body parts as well.

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Making Other Arrangements

read article Strollers in Nature

by Laurel Dodge, Orange County, New York

The story of the Nature Strollers Family Nature Study Club

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Making Other Arrangements

read article New Place, Old Roots

by Lauret Savoy, Holyoke, Massachusetts

A grassroots organization improves food and health for a community's Puerto Ricans

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read article Transmutations

by Peter Friederici

Connecting to where you live

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