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Summer 2002



read article On the Bosom of this Grave and Wasted Land I Will Lay My Head

by Janisse Ray

Even as the forests of her homeland are ground into woodchips and shipped across the globe, a native Georgian glimpses a wild world that once was, and dares to dream of restoration.


read article Small Wonder

by Barbara Kingsolver

In a time when the wells of human kindness seem to be running dry, Americans find themselves looking through the cross hairs of inhumanity -- in both directions. Barbara Kingsolver on nature, stillness, and foreign policy.


read article The Agrarian Standard

by Wendell Berry

Agrarianism seems to be losing ground against industrial agriculture, but it remains the only land use practice that is both viable in the long-term and democratic. Twenty-five years after the publication of his seminal work, "The Unsettling of America," Berry examines what has come to pass in the interim.


read article My Summer of George

by Jenny Flynn

One citizen is determined to reach out and touch her chief executive.


Lay of the Land



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