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May/June 2009




read article The Poetry of Power

by Ginger Strand, with photographs by Jason Houston

When it comes to small hydro, environmentalists are damned if they do and damned if they don't. Plus EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A Small-Hydro Road Trip.

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read article Lunch with Cheeta

Photographs and text by Kirk Crippens

In sunny Palm Springs, a retired movie star elicits reflection on the boundaries of being human. With LINKS to more about Cheeta.

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read article Oracle in the Desert

Text and photographs by Craig Childs

A retired cop wanders the canyons of Arizona looking for redemption. Plus AUDIO of the author reading this article.

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read article 3 Bets

by Sandra Steingraber

A successful environmental human rights movement is worth everything you can possibly wager. AUDIO EXTRA: Interview with Sandra Steingraber.

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read article The Barbaric Heart

by Curtis White

Are violence and greed too big a match for a naïve and jaded environmentalism?

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And Oysters for All

by Jan DeBlieu

Working with the land to restore a creature of the sea -- unlikely allies unite to restore a dwindling mollusk.


The Return

by Rick Bass

Like fractal imagery, the shapes of spring repeat themselves everywhere a hungry eye can look.


Shaded by Smokestacks

Photographs and text by Stephen Brookbank

For more than a century, industry and neighborhoods have provided for each other. A short portfolio about industry and community.


Outside In

read article Pulverized

by Jay Griffiths

What has silenced the language of stones, and why should we want the stones to speak?

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Upping the Stakes

read article World at Gunpoint

by Derrick Jensen

How we should live our lives is precisely the wrong question.

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Lay of the Land


Point of View

read article Climate Justice

by Tom Athanasiou

To fix the climate, get serious about solving poverty.

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Making Other Arrangements

Making Other Arrangements

by Orion Readers

In this regular features, Orion readers write about how they and their communities are responding to peak oil and climate change. In the May/June issue, "Concrete Solutions" by Kasandra Griffin, "Fruit Gleaners" by Elizabeth Grossman, and "The Tutwiler Turnaround" by Janisse Ray.


Improbable Gifts

by Susanne Antonetta

An unskeptical view of the magical garden.


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