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Autumn 2001



read article The Grid and the Village

by Stephen Doheny-Farina

The ice storm of 1998 left vast stretches of Ontario, New York, and New England without power for more than a month. It was a short time filled with enchantment. But the lights came back on, dispersing the wonder only visible in the shadows.


read article The Naturalist

by Barry Lopez

In a world invested in hypermaterialism, the naturalist's imagination is needed more than ever.


read article The Sound of Migration

by Sandra Steingraber

A pregnant ecologist turns her gaze both inward and outward, weaving observations of her own body with those of migrating birds as she undergoes amniocentesis and ponders the meaning of transitions.


Lay of the Land


From the Editors

read article From the Editors: Citizens of One World

Meditations after 9/11



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