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Cover: Photograph (Tree #3, 2006) by Myoung Ho Lee

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March/April 2010




read article Cloudy Is the Stuff of Stones

by Anthony Doerr

Looking into the eyes of pebbles, in search of some immutable truth.

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read article The Curse of Bigness

by Christopher Ketcham

A dark journey into the corrosive and counterintuitive ideology of "too big to fail."

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read article Get a (Second) Life

by Mac McClelland

Tens of thousands of people are living in another world. Should you, too?

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read article Return to the Center of the World

Photographs and Text by Carolyn Drake

A cautionary tale, inscribed in and along two of Central Asia's most storied rivers. Website exclusive: audio slide show, narrated by the photographer.

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Cloudy Is the Stuff of Stones

by Anthony Doerr

Looking into the eyes of pebbles, in search of some immutable truth.


Heart of a Bear

by Benjamin Percy

When our protagonist awakes from hibernation and tries to gain acceptance from a suburban family, things go horribly awry.
AUDIO of the author reading this short story is available here.


Falling Trees

Photographs and text by David Paul Bayles

Photo portfolio: A visual meditation on the moment when timber becomes lumber.


Antarctic Genuflection

Text and photographs by Jason Anthony

The mesmerizing emptiness of a world with (almost) no animals.



Small Change

read article The Only Way to Have a Cow

by Bill McKibben

What a new meat ethic could mean for the atmosphere.
Will be published on the website April 1.

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Upping the Stakes

read article Resistance Resisters

by Derrick Jensen

A note to those who still believe that change will come without a fight.

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Lay of the Land


From the Editors

read article From the Editors

For Orion, nature and environment are a context...

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Sacred & Mundane

Sacred & Mundane

In this regular department, some short takes: "Tracking Trash," by Ginger Strand "What Makes a Pet a Pet," by Kurt Caswell "Afterbirth, It's What's for Dinner," by Lou Bendrick "Stalking the Urban Nettle," by Rebecca Lerner

Media & The Arts

The Forbidden Link

by David Rothenberg

An exhibition chronicles Charles Darwin's effect on the messy zone where science and art overlap.


A Prayer for Charlie

by Brian Doyle


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"Your two cats squat, heraldic sphinxes", by Derek Walcott