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July/August 2010




read article Conservation and Eugenics

by Charles Wohlforth

Tracing the roots of environmentalism back to a very unpleasant historical truth.

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read article Calamity on the Colorado

Text by James Powell, photographs by Peter M. McBride

Beneath the shrinking waters of Lake Powell, a massive problem is building.
With added photos and Peter McBride's audio slideshow.

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read article Dark Horse

by Lisa Couturier

A disturbing look at the world of auctions and slaughter, where horses are flipped like real estate.

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read article Maori Eels

Text and art by James Prosek

The Maori of New Zealand seek their own renewal in the restoration of a powerful and mysterious creature.

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Pea Madness

by Amy Leach

On the bravery, desire, and tenderness exhibited by not necessarily commonplace plants.
This article is available in the print edition only, but click here to hear the author read this piece aloud.


Dixon Marsh

by Barry Lopez

Fiction. A nervous epidemiologist in the Sierra Nevada finds the world to be more weirdly hinged than her college-educated mind will accept.


The Mushroom's Chronicle

Paintings and text by Marlana Stoddard-Hayes

A deep exploration of both form and fungus.



Small Change

read article Duty Dodgers

by Bill McKibben

Congress may just be too lazy to take action on the largest problem humans have ever faced.

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Upping the Stakes

read article Calling All Fanatics

by Derrick Jensen

How can crusaders take time out to enjoy the Earth when so few people are out there fighting?

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Lay of the Land


The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

This is a new (but revived) department in the magazine, a space for people to exercise their sixth sense and tell us about their place, their connection to it, its history and future and imaginary life. It's a new online feature as well. In this issue: Jeromy Emerling on South Side, Billings, Montana; Christina White on Prince George County, Virginia; Nina Misuraca Ignaczak on Detroit, Michigan; and Tyra A. Olstad's hand-drawn map of Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska.


Media & The Arts

read article Instead of Suns, the Earth

by Christopher Cokinos

Science fiction casts its gaze downward, toward the home planet and its sketchy future.

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What It Is That Feeds Us

by BK Loren

"Coyotes are consummate illusionists...."


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