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January/February 2011




read article The Adventures of Peavine and Charlie

by Michael P. Branch

How a couple of mischievous jack rabbits imbued two little girls with a sense of place and rescued their father from tedium. Also available: audio of the author reading this article. Link at top of article.

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read article The Colonization of Kern County

by Jeremy Miller

All the oil companies in California's Central Valley do is take, take, take -- and not just oil.

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read article Burial & Flight

Photographs and text by Jake Price

As rural communities worldwide contract, something essential is going missing from our collective experience. Accompanied by a slide show containing extra images.

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read article Track Back

by Janisse Ray

Frequent fliers of the world take note: redemption aplenty awaits those who ride the rails.

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The Southside Raza Image Federation Corps of Discovery

by Luis Alberto Urrea

For two homeboys lighting out, the barrio has its quota of wonders and hazards.

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Hope and Feathers

by J. Drew Lanham

A birding expedition to South Africa challenges a birder's own identity.



Each Other—Where We Are

read article Fracking Democracy

by Sandra Steingraber

In which you get 120 seconds to say why shale gas should be left in the ground.

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Outside In

Let Them Drink Coke

by Jay Griffiths

In the Kalahari, Bushmen are dying of dehydration so that tourist turds can be flushed.


Upping the Stakes

read article The Tyranny of Entitlement

by Derrick Jensen

Having a perpetual growth economy is not only insane, it is impossible.

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Lay of the Land


The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

In this department of the magazine, we offer a space for people to exercise their sixth sense and tell us about their place, their connection to it, its history and future and imaginary life, in words and pictures. It's an ongoing web feature as well. In this issue: Cathy Hall Stengel on Corning, New York; Robin MacArthur on Marlboro, Vermont; Ben Johnson on Kelly, Wyoming; Emily Brisse on Deep Lake, Minnesota; and Collin Williams on Montevallo, Alabama.

Media & The Arts

Sublime Interventions

by William L. Fox

Notes on the place where what we call the art world meets what we call the natural world.


Digging Out

by John H. Maret

The profound quiet after a blizzard.


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