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Photograph by Laura McPhee

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March/April 2011




read article Mind Games

by Sandra Steingraber

If neurotoxicants in the environment were making us less smart, would we notice? And if we did, would we stop putting them on our food and in our air?

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read article Desiccated Dreams

Photography, Text, and Audio Slide Show by Matt Black

As an unsustainable agricultural system unravels in California's Central Valley, many people's lives hang in the balance.

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read article A Pipeline Runs Through It

by William L. Fox

An intimate encounter with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline—from mile 800 to mile 0.

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read article How to Queer Ecology: One Goose at a Time

by Alex Johnson

Celebrating diversity is a lot more fun than worrying about where to take a leak.

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by Linda Hogan

Ice, darkness, and a lonesome, kerosene-lit cabin in the woods are fertile ground for thoughts to bloom.

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The Asterisk Company

by Alberto Álvaro Ríos

An elemental life, constructed piece by piece out of starred items in the pages of a journal.

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Photographs by Victoria Ryan

Portfolio: In these mist-shrouded landscapes, one can almost feel an earlier time.



Small Change

read article Irony by the Sea

by Bill McKibben

Glitzy resorts and seaside Mayan ruins cast an air of doubt on anything hopeful coming out of COP16.

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Upping the Stakes

read article The Age of Ooops

by Derrick Jensen

What would corporate responsibility look like if it were actually enforced?

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Lay of the Land


The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

In this department of the magazine, we offer a space for people to exercise their sixth sense and tell us about their place, their connection to it, its history and future and imaginary life, in words and pictures. It's an ongoing web feature as well. In this issue: Susan Starbird on Petaluma River, California; Katy Brandenburg on Moab, Utah; Jamariss Rhodes on Liberta, Antigua; and Eleanor Jones on Duluth, Minnesota.

Media & The Arts

Apocalypse Pow!

by Danica Novgorodoff

Essay/review: the graphic novel takes on the environment—with inventiveness and a strong sense of foreboding.


I Do Not Heart Trees

by Mary Rose O'Reilly

"I am not a tree-hugger of popular environmental mythology: I find forests creepy...."


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