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Cover painting by Anton Brzesinski

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July/August 2011




read article Breaking the Spell of Money

by Scott Russell Sanders

How did material wealth become more important than life itself?

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read article Back to the Future

by James Howard Kunstler

The cities of tomorrow will be less like The Jetsons and more like déjà vu.
Also available: audio interview with the author.

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read article Peasant Bounty

Photographs by Bear Guerra, Text by Ruxandra Guidi

A spirited food-sovereignty movement takes root in the Haitian countryside.
Also available: audio slide show, narrated by Bear Guerra.

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read article I, Turbo

Text and photographs by Eric Wagner

In the wilds of Patagonia, a feisty penguin crosses the line between study subject and friend.

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Monumental City

by Sharona Muir

If any city had to be taken over by spiders, this one fit the bill. A short story.
Web Extra: Sharona Muir Reads This Story Aloud.


Stories in Stone

Photographs by Elaine Ling

The globe's ubiquitous substrate, shaped by the forces of nature and the human hand.


The Kingdom of God

by Teddy Macker

Wherein everyday miracles await the attentive heart.


Where the Burn Meets the Dead

by Gretel Ehrlich

Along the seam between two tragedies, the wonder is parsed out more slowly, though at times it still eclipses the pain.



Small Change

read article A Little Leeway

by Bill McKibben

Why better-safe-than-sorry is better than cutting it close.

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Upping the Stakes

read article This Culture Is #/?*#-+

by Derrick Jensen

We no longer need an outside entity to censor our most heartfelt thoughts.

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Lay of the Land


From the Editors

read article From the Editors

A walk down Main Street with James Howard Kunstler.

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The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

In this department of the magazine, we offer a space for people to exercise their sixth sense and tell us about their place, their connection to it, its history and future and imaginary life, in words and pictures. It's an ongoing web feature as well. In this issue: Linda Paul, on Boise, Idaho; Gary Kohl, on Toronto, Ontario; Kenneth Chiedu Uso, on Ojobo, Nigeria; Yana Beranek's photograph of El Limón, Dominican Republic; and Benjamin Vogt, on Grand Island, Nebraska.


Media & The Arts

read article Take Back the Media

by Josh Stearns

Step aside, corporate media goliaths, and let the people control the story of our time.

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Leath Tonino

"I went down to the creek and stumbled on a six-point buck, field dressed and butchered...."


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