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January/February 2012




read article Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

by Paul Kingsnorth

Once noble and redemptive, environmentalism has devolved into an engine of consumerism and a platform for partisanship.

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read article What Love Looks Like

A conversation with Tim DeChristopher by Terry Tempest Williams

An activist hero incarcerated for his nonviolent civil disobedience discusses the seeds of resistance and the opportunities presented by a world in disrepair.

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read article Draw Me a Tree

Photographs by Dan Shepherd

A photographic study that involves trees, people, and people’s drawings of trees. Slide show accompanies text.

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Contents May Have Shifted

by Pam Houston

Somewhere between travel lust and travel nightmares, there exists a place where the luminous land outshines life’s latest letdowns. A short story.


Eleven Kinds of Sky

by Joe Wilkins

Whatever the rites of passage, a boyhood in Montana guarantees the presence of some sort of prominent sky.


Fallowed Lives

Photographs by Laura El-Tantawy

Portraits: devastating debts have caused a generation of Indian farmers to simply give up.


Dark Sharks and Light Rays

Photographs and text by Karen Glaser

The shifting moods of water as reflected on two creatures that swim through it.


Each Other—Where We Are

It's Alive!

by Sandra Steingraber

Just because it thrives far below the surface of the earth does not mean its expendable.


The Wastelander

read article Night Shift

by Luis Alberto Urrea

The brown trouts, Sno Balls, and stray cats lent a faux nature vibe to this home-away-from-home.

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Upping the Stakes

Not in My Name

by Derrick Jensen

Selling sex to save the planet is just sick.

Lay of the Land



From the Editors

read article From the Editors

Orion is entering its thirtieth anniversary year.

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The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

In this issue: Laura Kerr, on The Santa Rita Mountains, Arizona; Erika Pauli Bizzari, Orvieto, Italy; Stephen T. Berg, on Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; and Don Lyman, on the Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia.

Media & The Arts

Music of the Hemispheres

by Jay Griffiths

Björk's new album-project-app harmonizes technology and nature while transcending traditional media.


Long Returns

by Peter Friederici

"Take it as a deposit in the bank of long returns, or as an exchange in a drawn-out conversation we hold with the children of people who have not yet been born…"


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