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March/April 2012




read article America the Possible: A Manifesto, Part I

by James Gustave Speth

Where did the country go wrong, and how can we reclaim the things we love about America? Part one of two.

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read article Take a Closer Listen

A project by Rutger Zuydervelt

An environmental symphony awaits those who tune in. A booklet bound in to the March/April issue.

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read article The Art of Waiting

by Belle Boggs

Yearning for conception in a world of fecundity.

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read article Ecopsychology in Ten Easy Lessons

by Steven Kotler

Or how I learned to become one with a glacier.

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Russian Mammoths

by Mark Slouka

He tended his garden as if it were the only thing left in the world worth caring about. A short story.


Buffalo Eddy

by Scott Russell Sanders

A hike to a remote riverbend offers a window into the ages.


Radical Bears in the Forest Delicious

by Amy Leach

Frolicking blithely through bamboo, the panda makes a compelling subject for infatuation. Online feature: audio of the author reading this piece.


The Sacred Headwaters

Text by Wade Davis, Photographs by Paul Colangelo

A vast ecosystem in western Canada is both vital and vulnerable.
Web Extra: Slideshow.


Nature's Math

Art and text by Mariah Doren and Johanna Paas

Portfolio: A radical equation with a beautiful conclusion.


Outside In

The Great Undwelling

by Jay Griffiths

Foreclosing on our children's futures with a lethal dose of debt.

Small Change

Scary Monsters

by Bill McKibben

Armed with the rights of persons, corporations are bound to destroy everything.


Upping the Stakes

read article Loaded Words

by Derrick Jensen

There can be no success if we fail to stop this culture from killing the planet.

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Lay of the Land


From the Editors

From the Editors

The gravity of the environmental crisis calls for direct action.

The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

by Orion Readers

In this issue, Abigail Greenbaum on Oxford, Mississippi; Krista Langlois on Vermont (for now); Genevieve Moralez on Harlem, New York; and Ken Jones on Rice, Washington.


Media & The Arts

read article Metaphor Crafters

by Susanne Antonetta

A troupe of activists employs narrative art to advocate for a better future.

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by Robin MacArthur

"Half the people on your road park the cars on the highway and walk...."


Salvage the Bones: a Novel, by Jesmyn Ward
Winter: Five Windows on the Season, by Adam Gopnik
No Word for Welcome: The Mexican Village Faces the Global Economy, by Wendy Call
Empire of the Beetle: How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America's Great Forests, by Andrew Nikiforuk
Moby-Dick in Pictures, by Matt Kish
Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, by Adam Gopnik