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“Mandala with Bones, Teeth, and Quail Egg,”
2010 Photograph by Kristen Zellmer

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November/December 2012




read article What Hangs on Trees

By Glenis Redmond

In the shadow of a tainted history, a poet struggles to write in the pastoral tradition. Web audio extra: author reads this essay aloud.

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read article State of the Species

By Charles C. Mann

Will the unprecedented success of Homo sapiens lead to an unavoidable downfall? Web audio extra: author interview.

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Brant’s Requiem

By David Gessner

He spent his whole life observing nature and scribbling down notes about it, and now he couldn’t read a word of it.



Photographs by Noah Wilson

A visual study of desecrated places tells an age-old story about humanity.


Gaze Even Here

By Trebbe Johnson

Finding beauty and wonder amid ecological ruin can be an exercise in salvation.


The Last Farmers of Dakar

By Madeleine Bair

As an African city grows, it is devouring its own source of sustenance.


Where Creation Began

Photographs by Ami Vitale, Text by M. Sanjayan

Dene teens take to the Thelon River in search of their identity and their future.



Outside In

read article The Fisher King

By Jay Griffiths

Blindly pursuing the holy grail of profit is bringing us oceans of misery.

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Small Change

read article Which Side Are You On?

By Bill McKibben

To stop oil companies from wrecking the planet, we’ve got to jettison their stock.

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Upping the Stakes

A Frog in Every Pot

By Derrick Jensen

How the allegory of the boiling frog gets it all wrong.

Lay of the Land


From the Editors

From the Publisher

M.G.H. Gilliam

Orion’s publisher of thirty years lays out the vision he sustained and his hope, upon his retirement, that the magazine continues to make the world a kinder place. Web extra: editors out loud.

The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

A print and web feature of Orion


Media & The Arts

read article Feed the Hunger

By David Sobel

Thoughts on the incredible popularity of dystopian young adult fiction.

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The Moment’s Meditation

Jason Anthony


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go to poem Reasons to Be Happy, by Tony Hoagland
go to poem Salt Water Ducks, by Cleopatra Mathis
go to poem Pilgrim, memory and sea are boundless, by Joseph Spece
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