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“Zebra #2” from the Affinity series Photograph by Brad Wilson

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January/February 2013




read article Pandora’s Boxes

Heather Millar

We barely know how nanoparticles work, but they’re already lurking in our socks and our toothpaste.

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read article Dark Ecology

Paul Kingsnorth

Technology isn’t likely to save us, but neither is environmentalism.

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Animals That Saw Me

Photographs by Ed Panar

They’re everywhere, watching your every move. Click here for picture essay.


The New Creationism

Erik Reece

If all life on earth evolved from a single substance, why not call that substance God? Web audio extra: author interview.


Cyclopedia of an Expedition Around Svalbard

Rebecca Solnit

Representation meets reality on a journey through the Arctic.


Destroy All Monsters

Bennett Sims

A dream of a movie projected onto a windowpane implicates innocent fauna in a grand scheme of horror.



Each Other—Where We Are

read article The Silence of Science

Sandra Steingraber

Scientists may have the facts, but people of faith have the gumption.

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The Wastelander

read article Ghosts of America

Luis Alberto Urrea

Hanging with real live phantoms in the shadow of the new dust bowl. Web audio extra: the author reads this column aloud.

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Upping the Stakes

Culture of Plunder

Derrick Jensen

Behind most success stories are narratives of profound suffering.

Lay of the Land



From the Editor-in-Chief

H. Emerson Blake

If Hurricane Katrina told us climate change was coming, then Hurricane Sandy announced that it is here. It's time for a moral conversation about how to plan for a better future, not just how to construct floodgates for the wealthy. Web extra: editors out loud.

The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

A print and web feature of Orion


Media & The Arts

read article The Piccolo and the Pocket Grouse

Eric Wagner

Inside the dynamic art of animal musicology.

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Detroit City Is the Place to Be, by Mark Binelli
Air, by William Bryant Logan
Devil’s Tango, by Cecile Pineda
A World in One Cubic Foot, by David Liittschwager
The Old Ways, by Robert Macfarlane
Magnificence, by Lydia Millet


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