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Little egrets, Lake Victoria, Usenge, Kenya. Photograph by Ian MacLellan.

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March/April 2013




read article Books of Ice

Sculptures by Basia Irland. Text by Kathleen Dean Moore

Rendering river water into tomes and seeds into texts, an artist practices a most graceful form of restoration. Web Extra: Audio Slide Show.

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read article The Centroid

By Jeremy Miller

From the department of curiosities: a federal statistic that tracks the balance point of the U.S. population. Web extra: author interview on the Orion podcast

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read article Splendid Visions

By William Giraldi

A father turns to Wordsworth for advice on how to cultivate a child’s love of nature in the city.

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Storm Petrel

By Kathleen Jamie

The remains of a bird inspire a flight of the imagination.



By Bonnie Nadzam

Does the mapmaker determine the city, or does the city determine the map?


The Road

Photographs by Bear Guerra. Text by Mitra Taj

A long dreamed of highway connecting the Amazon to Peru’s Pacific ports is now a reality, but so is the destruction left in its wake.


Symmetrical Universe

By Alan Lightman. Photographs by Mark Dorf

The order we find in nature is both a comfort and a cause for wonder.



Outside In

read article The Politics of Play

By Jay Griffiths

Recipe for a healthy childhood: fewer rules and more independence.

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Small Change

read article A Moral Atmosphere

By Bill McKibben

When it comes to burning carbon, some people’s hypocrisy matters more than others’.

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Upping the Stakes

read article The Victim Liked It

By Derrick Jensen

What the psychology of abuse can tell us about climate deniers.

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Lay of the Land



From the Editor-in-Chief

By H. Emerson Blake

Fixing our schools is not only compatible with fixing our environment, it's complementary. Web extra: the Editors Out Loud podcast.

The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

A print and web feature of Orion

Media & The Arts

Cultures Collide

By Ginger Strand

There’s a new alliance between art and science, and the results are fascinatingly beautiful.


The Garden Remains

By Baron Wormser


From the Forest, By Sara Maitland
Hoosh, By Jason C. Anthony
Milk Money, By Kirk Kardashian
Into Great Silence, By Eva Saulitis
The Infinite Tides, By Christian Kiefer
Closer to the Ground, By Dylan Tomine


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