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Eryngium maritimum, Villa Noailles, 2007. From the series Flora Olbiensis; Photograph by Erwan Frotin, Courtesy the artist and Art + Commerce.

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November/December 2013




read article Where It Begins

By Barbara Kingsolver

Knitting one season into the next.

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read article The Science of Citizenship

By Belle Boggs

Science education does more than create a lot of little scientists; it’s the cornerstone of cultural literacy.

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read article Out of the Wild

A Conversation between William Cronon and Michael Pollan

Two acclaimed authors discuss how the language we use shapes the planet we live on.

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read article From Farm to Table

By Rowan Jacobsen

Taking a step beyond farmers’ markets to secure the future of local food. Third installment of Orion’s Reimagining Infrastructure series. Web extra: audio slide show.

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What the Body Knows

By Joni Tevis

A journey through the Arctic engenders an intimacy both felt and seen. Web extra: author interview on the Orion podcast.


Rewilding the Greens

Photographs by Robert Dawson; Text by Jacques Leslie

Nature reclaims a landscape that humans have left behind.


Light Bandit

By Gregg Kleiner

In defending the right to darkness, he felt himself becoming lighter inside.


Artful Contortions

Paintings by Tyler Bewley

Human ingenuity and human interference in the world can be hard to tell apart.


Outside In

Myths of Stability

By Jay Griffiths

If economic growth and ecological health aren’t reconcilable, which do we choose?

Small Change

The Asteroid in the Room

By Bill McKibben

Is there a metaphor big enough for climate change?

Upping the Stakes

Not on My Watch

By Derrick Jensen

Some environmental victories may seem small and temporary, but without them there is no victory at all.

Lay of the Land



From the Editor-in-Chief

By H. Emerson Blake

Storytelling can help us believe in a better future and empower us to make it happen. Web extra: the Editors Out Loud podcast.

The Place Where You Live

The Place Where You Live

A print and web feature of Orion


Media & The Arts

read article The Art of Missing

By James Guida

A new work of art by Maya Lin encourages intimacy with the extinct.

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The Jay

By Brian Doyle


Oil and Honey, by Bill McKibben
Snapper, by Brian Kimberling
Cooked, by Michael Pollan
The Blue Fox, by Sjón
My Dakota, by Rebecca Norris Webb


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