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The Place Where You Live

"A sense of place is the sixth sense, an internal compass and map made by memory and spatial perception together.” —Rebecca Solnit

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Once upon a time, Orion published a regular department called The Place Where You Live. Though the department was discontinued in 2003, we’ve been asked about its fate ever since—and reminded by readers of how important it was to them.

So we’re bringing it back. This is a space for you to exercise your sixth sense and tell us about your place. What connects you to it? What history does it hold for you? What are your hopes and fears for it? What do you do to protect it, or prepare it for the future, or make it better?

A few of the contributions we receive will appear in the print edition of Orion, and will be considered on a rolling basis. The Place Where You Live is published in every issue of the magazine as well as online—click on the map above to find entries from all over the world.

Also, in a new collaboration beginning in 2012, some contributors will be invited to read their entries aloud on the nationally syndicated (U.S.) public radio show Living on Earth. Listen to those segments here.

Please consider these guidelines before posting an entry:

  1. Your contribution can take the form of a short essay or story of no more than 350 words, up to six photographs, a painting, drawing, or handmade map.
  2. The work submitted must be your own, or you must have rights to reuse or publish the work.
  3. We can not offer technical support.
  4. Some entries may be selected for inclusion in Orion magazine — that's one of the reasons we ask for your name and contact information.
  5. We will remove rude, objectionable, advertising/commercial-focused, or distasteful entries.
  6. Once you have crafted your contribution, submit it by clicking on "Contribute" below. If you'd like your contribution considered for publication in the print magazine, be sure to let us know by clicking the check box on the ensuing page.

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