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"A sense of place is the sixth sense, an internal compass and map made by memory and spatial perception together.” —Rebecca Solnit

Dundee, New York

Posted by Maxwell Gorton | September 6, 2012

It is an unusually warm evening in July and every pedal of the bicycle is a rewarding struggle. I am on a roll, literally.  Although catching a head wind makes not my ride easier, I would trade effort for a breeze any day. As I approach the top of the knoll I immediately halt and my breath is stolen from me through my eyes, because before me lies beautiful Seneca Lake.  Tonight, I am enjoying a bike ride through the heart of the Finger Lakes 7on the outskirts of my place, Dundee, New York.

            The sense of community in my town is outstanding. The best thing to be said about the town is the school. Dundee Central School is Kindergarten through 12th grade and as a whole houses approximately 900 students. The class sizes are never over 20 students which is huge advantage for teachers and students. Every student gets the personal attention that they deserve and no one is ever left out.

            This school preaches opportunity. As opposed to large schools students are limited in their extra circular activities in that in larger schools they are unable to participate in more than one. At Dundee Central School it is not uncommon to have students participate in three varsity sports, in addition with being involved in the drama program, on top of volunteering for their community, at Dundee there is no such thing as being too involved.

Dundee is a place in which your character counts more than your bank account or even your level of intelligence.  It is a place growing up in which the youth can simply not wait to leave; ironically it is also a place where most of them return to raise their families. The lessons I


learned growing up in a small town like mine are worth the world to me. It is important to learn how to shake someone’s hand and look them in directly in the eyes.  The most homely quality of the town is that no matter how long you leave for, you are always welcomed back home with open arms and smiling faces. 


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