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"A sense of place is the sixth sense, an internal compass and map made by memory and spatial perception together.” —Rebecca Solnit

Keuka Lake, NY

Posted by Zach Reed | September 6, 2012


                                           Keuka Lake, New York        

It is early in the morning and as I walk out on the porch I see the water - smooth as glass.  As the sun rises, the water begins to glisten in the bright light.  I hear the birds awakening.  A warm summer scent quickly rushes into my nose.  I smell the trees, the refreshing water, and the vast vineyards that surround the lake.  There is no better feeling than being on Keuka Lake.  It is my sense of belonging, my sanctuary, my sense of place.

 Ever since I can remember, I have been on this wonderful body of water.  Every summer my family moves from the small town of Bath, New York to our cottage on Keuka Lake.  There are too many memories that have collected over the years to tell.  I have been taught to swim, ski, wakeboard, tube, drive a boat, drive a jet ski, and most importantly, appreciate how fortunate I am to have this in my life. 

The rush one receives as they are getting pulled behind a boat whether it is skiing, wakeboarding, wake-surfing, or even tubing is like no other.  You quickly lose any thought that may have been stuck in your head, or something that has been bothering you.  All you are thinking about is the sensation of gliding through the water and letting yourself go free. 

Every Sunday, as the sun begins to set, I hear music being played at a restaurant just ten cottages North of me called, “The Switz”.  It is as if there are speakers built into the lake.  Not only am I able to listen to the music being played, but I get to enjoy my dinner outside while watching the sun fall over the horizon.  The sunsets that I have witnessed on Keuka Lake are like no other.  The invigorant colors of red, orange, pink, purple all cast over the sky and reflect off the lake.  Personally, this is the most rewarding experience and why I dub Keuka Lake, my sense of place.


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