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"A sense of place is the sixth sense, an internal compass and map made by memory and spatial perception together.” —Rebecca Solnit

Syracuse, NY

Posted by Tim G. | September 9, 2012

Syracuse, New York

            There are many factors that contribute to the many different cultures scattered all across this very large city. Onondaga Lake was one of the most polluted lakes in the whole world in the past couple years but recently, many organizations wanted to make a significant change and put Syracuse on the global map in only optimistic ways. Surrounding factories dumped their sewage in the lake making it unpleasant for recreational and physical use. In the past couple years; cleanup has started in by several agencies and many local environmental enthusiasts. In the eyes of the locals, a significant difference has been made in order to help Onondaga get back to tip top shape. Before the industrial revolution, resorts were located along the lake, carnivals were held, and concerts performed for many. It would be amazing to one day bring those traditions back to Syracuse and bring the people together in unity. Another landmark that helps bring the people of Syracuse together is Destiny USA. One could spend the whole day shopping, eating, dancing, playing, and also working out. This is a major destination that the locals including myself hangout at and it is also a hot spot for tourists to visit. Heids Restaurant established in 1917 is another historical landmark that helps put Syracuse on the map. Serving its signature hot dogs, shakes, and French fries; it has been visited by many people including senators, governors, and even Adam Richman from the Discovery Channel. I think of Heids as not just another restaurant but a memory of my brothers and me laughing together on many hot, humid summer nights.

            Syracuse has definitely many landscapes that can suit anyone’s taste or needs. With city life, exurb life, and some rural life, there is no reason for many of the locals to leave. Diversity is vast and also scattered all across the humongous city but these certain landmarks bring people together regardless of your race, ethnicity, and gender. Syracuse, New York is my hometown and I am proud to say that.

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