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"A sense of place is the sixth sense, an internal compass and map made by memory and spatial perception together.” —Rebecca Solnit

The Cottage

Posted by Jason Raymond | September 6, 2012

The Cottage

The crash of a wave as it slams into a rock; the warm sand is tingling between your toes. The bird’s always making noises, complaining about this or that. This is my home. My home has been walked on for centuries. The Indians ate shellfish form the back marshes, exploring the coves with their hollowed out tress. My home witnessed the British fight the minute men on the march of destruction. It used to be a port for which the remnants are still present. A single factory use to use the water, not just for power, but as a center for trade.

My family stumbled upon this little chunk of heaven ninety years ago. When no one wanted to be anywhere near the ocean.  A summer community was created, when the area was used for city dwellers to relax during their summer. My home has changed very little even as the world around it was destroyed. The summers are full of kids running and playing in the water’s around.

When it was time for the next generation to take control there was huge upset. Family’s cracked and broke. The whole atmosphere erupted as it dealt with the growing pains. The Cove was changed again as technologies progressed. What once was only a summer residence slowly became one were you survive the harsh winters. With this change came a new ambiance. NO longer were there kids running around at all hours from all the other houses. It became a snobby self-righteous place for which one bragged about to their friends.

This feeling is true to all but two houses one of which is my home. It isn’t put together or manicured but rather enjoyed for all of its quirks. It is created by people who would rather enjoy the space for all that it has to offer. The sounds of kids playing, the crash of waves, the bark of a dog, these are the sounds surrounding my home. Everyone is experiencing the feeling of freedom as they enjoy nature in a plethora of new ways.  Few people have experienced the total disconnect from the world until they reached this place.  This is my home.


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