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Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Humankind

Posted by E. Hoffner | November 08, 2010

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Reading anything by Gene Logsdon, the “contrary farmer” as he is best known, is always a blast. An important writer for the sustainable agriculture set, his keen wit and common sense can drive the reader through the most common of topics with delight. Take his brand new title, Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Humankind. What can be more common and useful than manure? Yet it has become a problem due to the copious amounts of it that are currently being created on-farm and off on the one hand, and also due to society’s prudish approach to this most elegant of fertilizers, raising alarm bells for those like Logsdon with a nose for sustainability. As he says, “If our civilization has sunk into such state of paranoia that intelligent and educated people equate manure with disease, death, and destruction, it is high time to rise up and scream, ‘Holy Shit!’ ”

This tidy volume covers topics from the history of agricultural manure use—human and animal—to modern practices of managing everything from farm manure to pet poop, and Logsdon makes a compelling case for it as the answer to declining soil health and dwindling chemical fertilizer-producing fossil fuel stocks. Laugh your way through this new contribution to the sustainable canon and you’ll be left with an appreciation and a roadmap to a more enlightened approach to

Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Humankind
by Gene Logsdon
Paperback, $17.50 ($11.90 at Amazon)
Chelsea Green, September 2010

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1 terry lawhead on November 13, 2010

Aaugh praise Gene Logsdon!  What a perfect title on such a wondrous subject.  We must digest this material, restore it and reuse it and feel lucky for being able to do so.  We work on digesters all over the state of Washington, on dairies and ranches and also getting green waste from cities and towns and mixing it all up.  Great real work for humans.  Thank you for highlighting this new book.

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