Preach to the Choir to Make Them Sing

Jennifer Sahn plucked this comment out of the online discussion of Janisse Ray’s article and sent it around.

Jesse Pyles on Sep 14, 2007:

Heeding Janisse Ray’s “Altar Call,” I cancelled my flight to the recent Greening of the Campus Conference, and drove from Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT to Ball State University in Muncie, IN — and back — in GMC’s loaner Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Though I’m unsure about the relative decrease in impact (that flight I didn’t take flew to Indianapolis without me, I hear), I, the student that accompanied me on the trip, and the myriad of folks we encountered along the way, certainly took a closer look at environmental sustainability education and associated transportation costs because of our well-marked mode of travel — we averaged 52 mpg over 1,800+ miles. Someone at the conference remarked, ‘It’s sometimes necessary to preach to the choir in order to make them sing.’ Preach on.”