Jason Houston, Away

Orion Picture Editor Jason Houston is about to leave for his third trip as a photojournalist for Rare, a very interesting conservation organization. Jason is hired to document some of their Rare Pride campaigns. Previous trips took him to Nicaragua and Mexico, and now he’s off to Kenya:

I fly into Nairobi arriving on the 2nd. Will likely hook up with Mark Dowie who’s also there.

“On the 3rd we head to Wamba in southern Samburu province, which will be our home base. I’ll also visit Lerta and Sarara. We’re looking at
a Rare Pride campaign focused on human/wildlife conflict and sustainable subsistence practices. I’ll see daily life, tourism, agriculture, and travel with the wildlife rangers.

“We return to Nairobi on the 10th.

“On the 11th we head to the Seychelles and arrive on Mahe Island.

“On the 12th we head to La Digue Island where the majority of the project takes place. May visit some other islands. This is a different Pride campaign and one focused on improving/preserving the habitat for the endangered flycatcher. A much more traditional conservation project, but still involving a lot of community education and awareness building.”

Jason will occasionally — depending on whether there is electricity and internet access — be blogging while traveling. Find his entries here.