Hal speaks at Olympus

Last month Chip took a call from Olympus Surgical and Industrial America, Inc. The caller had found Orion and wanted someone from the staff to talk to all of that corporation’s employees on June 6, World Environment Day. I donned my blue blazer and headed south with a PowerPoint presentation. I spoke at Olympus SIA’s headquarters in Orangeburg, NY to about 170 people in two presentations. The talk was a challenge, and I said as much: I was speaking to a very different audience than I am accustomed to, one that wasn’t versed in the environmental, social and cultural language we take for granted in the Orion universe. For example, only four of these people admitted to having seen An Inconvenient Truth. In addition to describing Orion and The Orion Society, and showing about 60 images from recent issues of Orion, I spoke about how we’re trying to walk our talk; the overwhelming challenges of climate change; and how to embrace those challenges in meaningful and rewarding ways. With luck, some of it stuck! Everyone at Olympus got a sample copy of the magazine, and Orion has extended a discounted subscription to all the staff there.