Orion Advisors Retreat

This past weekend, about twenty-five people, including Orion Society board members, staff members, advisors, and friends met at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New Mexico, to discuss writing, art, Orion, and of course, politics. You might say that it was a good time to be discussing politics.

Top row: Jason Houston, Marion Gilliam, Theron Horton, Hal Clifford, Chip Blake, Chris Nye, Bill Tydeman, Amy Irvine McHarg, John Flax.

Bottom row: Alison Deming, Beckie Kravetz, Jane Hirshfield, Alan Weisman, Bill Fox, Linda Connor, Barry Lopez, Pat McCabe, Courtney White, Marc Fasteau, Kathleen Dean Moore.

Present at gathering but not pictured: Jennifer Sahn, Madeline Cantwell, John Richardson, Susan Strong, Taj Forer.

Many thanks to the Blackstone Ranch Institute for their support of this meeting.