The “Art of Stewardship” gathering at Unity College in Maine

Adding to Orion’s busy fall travel schedule… On Saturday November 15th, Orion picture editor Jason Houston joined almost 50 other artists, curators, environmental and sustainability advocates, students, and friends of the arts for an all day brainstorming session on art, the environment, and Unity College’s plans for the future. The event was sponsored by the K2 Family Foundation and organized by Unity College and The Art of Stewardship Project. The goal was to explore the idea of art as a voice for environmental stewardship and sustainability and to think about how the campus at Unity might become a canvas for expressing and engaging these ideas. Conversations throughout the day ranged from ideas on art installations and educational displays in the context of the school’s new and evolving master plan, to creative collaborations between artists, scientists, architects, activists, and students. Unity College is a progressive institution where sustainability and environmental awareness are central to the school’s mission and vision. If the enthusiasm and participation at this event is any indication of the process ahead as they reimagine the campus design and related programs, Unity is setting themselves up to be leaders in integrating art and the environment into an educational setting.

Unity College President Mitchell Thomashow addressing Art of Stewardship participants during a discussion about ideas for art projects on campus.

A break out session to discuss how to build successful partnerships and collaborations between artists, organizations, and the school.