An Orion Conversation: The Moral Imperative of Dealing with the Climate Crisis, January 18

1/19 UPDATE: Thank you everyone for joining us for the call! Audio of the event described below is available here.


Following the very mixed news from the recent Cancun climate conference, please join us for this month’s Orion conversation, a live discussion of the ethical imperative of dealing with the climate crisis. Featured speakers include Bill McKibben, Scott Russell Sanders, and Kathleen Dean Moore, Orion board member and co-editor of Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril.

Our distinguished friends are eager to discuss this issue with us all. Bill, Scott, and Kathy will read short excerpts of their essays from Moral Ground, discuss where hope and action lie now for the climate crisis in the wake of another missed opportunity for action on the international level, and take your questions. The dialogue will be an hour long and free for Orion friends and subscribers to join, on January 18, 7 pm Eastern time, 4 pm Pacific

The conversation will be moderated by Orion magazine staffers and recorded. The audio will be made available for your listening any time at our site. This is a free event, but normal long distance rates apply. Feel free to email your questions or thoughts for the panelists in advance to ehoffner (at)

More about Moral Ground here on Orion’s website. You can also listen to the recording of the previous Orion Conversation with Terry Tempest Williams on the six month anniversary of the BP oil disaster, here.


  1. I just began reading Moral Ground after seeing it on display at our wonderful library; this book is so needed and speaks to me as a non-scientist who cannot make the technical arguments for change sound plausible. How do I broach this subject with those near me who simply are too busy with their own lives to really listen. What about those in denial? What about the billions of Chinese and Indian citizens who only now are reaching beyond subsistence to enjoy a better life? Should we in the West scale back much more in proportion to allow them a higher standard of living? We have had what they seek for years; what is the moral response?

  2. Question is about “starting with science” said by Bill. A values based message really should ‘t need the science. There was no science backing up “it is immoral to capture people and make them slaves”, but yet from a values perspective, it was immoral. It is immoral to blow the tops off mountains. People know that and it can move them to action without science,
    I think we need both the science and values. bring this up for dialogue, not disagreement. It is a fine line either joining or not- science and religion.

  3. That was a wonderful conversation, reminder and motivation. I wish such a gathering of ideas were prevalent in a consistent manner. Would it be possible to stream the conversation on our local radio WBCR-LP for the community to hear?

  4. Lia, so glad you could join us. Yes, let’s talk about playing it on WBCR. Email me at ehoffner at to discuss.


  5. Thank you for providing the vehicle for this thoughtful discussion. The conversation this evening flowed with such balance, grace and heart between those excellent and eloquent thinkers. A restorative and provocative hour well spent on this wintry night. And one more reason to love Orion.

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