The Place Where You Live, Aloud

Great news, audiophiles! We’ve partnered with one of our favorite radio programs, Living on Earth, to bring you podcast-able versions of our reader-generated feature The Place Where You Live. In the first episode, Orion reader Lisa Saffran talks about her home in the Ozarks:

“We have marked each year of land-owning with an annual meeting on the gravel bar, followed by gin and tonics and music around the fire until the stars burn bright above us.”

Once a month for the next year or so, Living on Earth will feature a Place Where You Live contributor, reading their piece aloud, on air. Have a listen, and then head over to our webpage to read about more places and contribute your own.


  1. Glad to hear sounds about my favorite radio programs, Living on Earth. I think it’s really great news for the radio fan. Thanks! @ weekend breaks

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