Orion’s Editor Talks Thirty-Year Plan

Last week, our fearless editor, Jennifer Sahn, was interviewed by public radio station WAMC about Orion’s new book, Thirty-Year Plan.

Jennifer was joined via phone by long-time friend and Orion contributor Terry Tempest Williams, who had some nice things to say about the book: “Never have voices of wisdom and sanity been needed more, and that’s what Orion has given us with this Reader. A place of conversation, a place of contemplation.”

Terry, one of thirty writers whose work appears in Thirty-Year Plan, contributed a piece titled “The Tellurian”:

Of place: tellurian. Displacement is my concern. Disappearance is my fear. There is no home for those who are native, of earth, inhabitants of earth, anymore. Tellurian is an endangered word that every endangered species hides inside. We are all on the run, human and wild. Endangered. Exiled. Refugees.

Click through to listen to audio from Jennifer and Terry’s radio interview, hear more about Thirty-Year Plan, and learn of Terry’s interesting connection to a guy who’s been getting a lot of press lately, Mr. Mitt Romney.