Now Available: The Orion Reader Three-Book Set (Plus Teacher’s Guides!)

Just in time for the holidays, and guaranteed to inspire lively conversation in the classroom and family room, Orion Readers are ideal resources for your college course, high school class, or reading group. That’s why we’re providing free, downloadable teacher’s guides, written by practicing college instructors in the field of environmental literature. These helpful guides include discussion questions around the themes, rhetoric, and writing craft of each collection of essays, as well as additional resources.

Visit the Orion store to purchase your copy of these Orion Readers, individually or as a three-book set. The set includes:

Thirty-Year Plan: thirty writers on what we need to build a better future and live happily, sustainably, and redeemably on earth.

Change Everything Now: a selection of essays from the pages of Orion calling for paradigmatic change in corporatism, consumerism, and even environmentalism itself.

Our brand new collection, Wonder and Other Survival Skills: a selection of Orion essays on the necessity of wonder to remind us of what really matters, to build our inner reserves, and to rekindle our sense of intimacy with the earth.


Thirty-Year Plan teacher’s guide [PDF], by Christina Robertson

Change Everything Now teacher’s guide [PDF], by Tom J. Hillard

Wonder and Other Survival Skills teacher’s guide [coming soon!]


  1. I just ordered the book “Wonder and Other Survival Skills.” Filling out the shipping information the site would not let me continue without filling out a state or province, so i filled in Washington. Ofcourse, I also filled out my shipping address in Sweden where I live. Please, disregard the state Washington.

    Also, when does the free teacher guide come out for this book?


  2. Cecilia,

    Thanks for your interest. The teachers guide will be available in a month or so. Watch this blog for news of that, or if you are on Orion’s email list, you will hear when it’s ready for free download.


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