Art That Restores: A Conversation with Basia Irland, March 19

UPDATE: Listen to the audio recording of this event.

Art is celebrated for its ability to revive and rejuvenate the human spirit, but a growing legion of artists is working to heal the landscape, too.

New Mexico artist Basia Irland’s feature in the March/April 2013 issue of Orion, “Books of Ice,” presents one such project—one that has as its canvas not gallery walls or sculpture parks, but a multitude of riverbanks. Irland embeds beautiful ice-block carvings with native seeds to create texts that both deliver needed plant seeds to struggling watersheds and educate the people who help introduce them to the river.

On March 19, at 7 p.m. Eastern, join Irland and Daniel McCormick, another restorative artist whose work has been profiled in Orion (“Healing Sculpture,” January/February 2008), during Orion‘s next live web event. The pair will discuss how projects like Irland’s are conceived and implemented, and how they succeed in healing the world around them.

The event is free to join, will be moderated by Orion staff, and is open to all readers and friends. Register here.

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