10 Sounds That Make You Feel More Alive

Photo by Richard Nelson.

In the January/February 2014 issue of Orion, I describe some of the grooviest things I heard in a summer of listening.

Some of them I actually managed to record—and here they are. Get some headphones, sit back, and ride to Alaska. Enjoy.

Hank Lentfer is the author of Faith of Cranes. He recently began a new career recording the whistles, clicks, groans, and splashes of his wild neighbors in Alaska’s backcountry. Check out a collection of his recordings of last summer’s sounds here.


  1. Gorgeous sounds!

    I’ve enjoyed this series immensely, thanks.

  2. Wind whispering through Muehlenbergia in a Kentucky barrens, larks singing overhead; sandhill cranes nesting in wetlands/prairies in Wisconsin or converging in thousands over Jasper Pulaski in northern Indiana; frass dropping from forest canopy in southern Indiana; pollinators humming in a canyon in southern Arizona.

  3. This is great! You need to make 100 more so I can put them on loop while at the office, and pretend I’m not in a little artificial box.

  4. Awww, thank you for your attention to the beauty – one voice, one heart beat, one note from one movement at a time. Keep listening. Keep sharing. This is a gift to us all, Hank!

  5. May our great great grandchildren be blessed with these same sounds. Thanks Hank and Richard.

  6. …beautiful…beautiful…sounds!

    Thank you Hank and Richard!

  7. sounds that enliven, center and enrich, thanks for sharing….amazing !

  8. We have a bunch of neat (some hideous) sounds. I’m particularly partial to the Weddell seal, or the belugas. But even the chortling of the barred grunts or the knocking of perch turns the corners of my lips up.

  9. I like what you are doing with the sound recordings. And I especially like your creative introductions to the sounds. Preserving any aspect of nature is very important.

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