Coming Soon: The Summer & Fall 2016 Double Issue of Orion

An issue of Orion on press.

As summer’s heat peaks and falls away, it feels natural to pull together the things that’ve grown during the season of growing – whether they’re fruits and vegetables, stories and memories, or writing and art. It’s in that spirit of harvest that we’re excited to announce the next issue of Orion, a special double issue of the magazine, containing the journalism, essays, poems, and visual art that have germinated and come to fruition during the long, hot days of summer.

In the coming weeks, check your mailbox, your favorite bookstore, and our website for the next, special issue of Orion, in which you’ll find a collection of voices discussing the intersection of race and the centennial of the National Park Service; a report from an indigenous community in Panama making bold moves in the face of climate change; an essay on the unexpected communities of motherhood; images of the dinosaurs of Manhattan; and much, much more.

For those who’ve been eagerly awaiting the next issue, we thank you for your patience, and for those who’ve just discovered Orion, we can’t wait to share the summer’s bounty with you.