Australia Under Fire: Three Articles from Down Under

With Australia’s bush fires engulfing many areas of the country, we reached into the Orion archives to pull out three of our most-memorable articles either set in Australia or written by an Australian author. Orion’s hearts extend to our friends — both human and non-human — threatened by the scale of destruction and loss.

    14 Smells That Remind you to Breathe by Megan Hippler (Summer 2018)
A writer from Queensland send us this fragrant Enumeration.“1. LIGHTNING. When the thunder begins to rattle your soul, throw open your windows. Count the seconds until lightning flickers or forks or explodes. As the wind whips around you, watch for the one bolt that illuminates the darkness and shatters molecules. Breathe in the burst of ozone…”
    The Nature of Violence by Jeffrey A. Lockwood (January/February 2006)
How does the will to live become a willingness to kill?“I HAVE BEEN ATTACKED by animals for thirty years. Working at a veterinary clinic in high school, I learned the skill of keeping snarling dogs at bay with a squeegee and the art of restraining injured cats. Later, in college research laboratories, I encountered the occasional frightened rat willing to use its yellowed incisors in self-defense…”
  Green Across the Globe by Polly Stupples (Winter 2002)
Activists from seventy nations met in Canberra in 2001 to forge a global Green network.“IT WAS A MUGGY AFTERNOON in Canberra. Australia’s capital city, deserted over the Easter holiday, was ghostly quiet. As I approached the National Convention Center, a vibrant hum spilled out onto the leafy grounds, rattling the air. A multilingual crowd thronged the lobby…”

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