The Most-Read Orion Articles of 2021


As we wrap up 2021, take a look at the most-read Orion articles available online. This year, our web-only content had its highest readership ever, so we’ve included our top ten print features and web exclusive articles. Subscribe to Orion today. All holiday gift subscriptions are 20% off through January 2022.


Top 10 Most-Read Features From Orion Magazine:


10. Now That It’s Come to This by John Freeman (Summer 2021)
On the life, mind, and heart of Barry Lopez



9. First Passage by Elizabeth Rush (Summer 2021)
A journey toward motherhood in the age of glacial loss



8. The Ghost Crop of Goa by Sharanya Deepak (Autumn 2021)
Heirloom rice hangs by its last stalks



7. Upriver by Rebecca Altman | Photography by Ansel Adams (Summer 2021)
A researcher traces the legacy of plastics



6. Figs by Aimee Nezhukumatathil (Autumn 2021)
A taste of wonder



5. Woman in the Woods by Sandra Steingraber (Summer 2021)
A study of resilience in does and other female creatures



4. The Nature of Plastics by Meera Subramanian (Spring 2021)
Explorations at the edge of the artificial



3. Spark Bird by Emily Raboteau (Spring 2021)
Bearing witness to New York’s endangered species



2. Brutes by Amitav Ghosh (Autumn 2021)
Meditations on the myth of the voiceless



1. What Slime Knows by Lacy Johnson (Autumn 2021)
There is no hierarchy in the web of life



Top 10 Most-Read Orion Web Exclusive Features:


10. The Endling by Christina Cogswell
Exploring extinction denial through the eyes of the last vaquita



9. Celebrating Old Growth: A Conversation with Robin Wall Kimmerer and Robert Macfarlane
Orion cohosted a live web event with record attendance, a conversation between Robin Wall Kimmerer, Robert Macfarlane, and David Haskell, in celebration of Orion’s new anthology, Old Growth.



8. A Case for the Porch by Charlie Hailey
We don’t have to go far because stepping out on a porch brings climate change to us



7. How to Write Love by Leslie Jamison and Sarah Sentilles
Kinship, craft, humus, tattoos


6. The Stability Fantasy by Emmett Fitzgerald
Why the pace of change is unraveling our myth of a stable planet



5. Out of Breath by Tishani Doshi
The more unbelievable something is, the more we reach for our mouths



4. A River Reawakened by Jessica Plumb
Ten years of rewilding the Elwha watershed



3. Hummingbirds and the Ecstatic Moment by Jeff VanderMeer
Hummingbirds help a writer become a lover of the natural world




2. The Ecological Imagination of Hayao Miyazaki by Isaac Yuen
A retrospective on four fantastical worlds



1. My Five Summer Yard Hacks by Jeff VanderMeer
A list that includes the world’s first armadillo obstacle course


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This is a collection of Orion Staff contributions.