The 10 Most-Read Orion Stories in 2023

One word for your reading tastes this year? Eclectic.

You, Orion reader, read more on our website this year than you ever have before. You loved old classics (Speaking of Nature, anyone?) and newer favorites (like this one, on a celebrity mushroom shroud). In the year of Oppenheimer, your mind was on radiation (two stories below favor the topic!), and fiction, science, and the story behind a delightful board game also moonlight on this list. As we bring 2023 to a close, add these ten pieces to your reading pile.


Arthur Jones

Invisible Landscapes

Jennifer Brandel

Scientists’ recent discovery of a “new” part of the human body, the interstitium, is an invitation to think differently about our relationship with the world at large.


John Holden/Unsplash

The Day the People Left

John Price

Imagining our pets after the rapture.


Stonemaier Games

The Unlikely Success of Wingspan

Faith Griffiths

How one anti-conquest, pro-conservation board game is bringing the outdoors to the table.


Terry Toedtemeier 

Geography as Generosity:
An Afternoon with Barry Lopez

Robert MacFarlane

Reflections on the life and work of one of environmentalism’s most prolific writers.


A group of crows sit on top of a building as the sun sets

Insiya Syed

The Crows of Karachi

Rafia Zakaria

When carrion birds rule, they forecast a coming end.


“Midnight Raven” by Isobelle Ouzman

Rewilding the Fairytale

Kaitlyn Teer

On the stories that help us survive.


Mads Eneqvist


Zarina Zabrisky

A return to Chornobyl’s radiant landscape.


John Megahan

A Work of Love

Lulu Miller

Before gay marriage was legal in the United States, illustrator John Megahan was called to work on a revolutionary secret project: bringing to life, in painstaking scientific detail, the queer lives of the animal world.


Steven L. Hopp

A Whetstone to the Spirit:
An Interview with Barbara Kingsolver

Martha Schubert

‘The Poisonwood Bible’ author on mothering, farming, ecology, and life.


The Hanford B Reactor (davidjlee/Creative Commons)

The Atomic Disease

Rachel Greenley

On Oppenheimer’s atoms in the body.

This is a collection of Orion Staff contributions.