Audio Slide Show: From Farm to Table

Audio Slide Show: From Farm to Table

Take a walk with writer Rowan Jacobsen through Vermont’s Mad River Food Hub, a model of small-scale infrastructure that has enabled the local-food movement in Vermont to grow and thrive. This slide show is part of Orion‘s Reimagining Infrastructure series. Photographs by Corey Hendrickson.

Click here to read Rowan Jacobsen’s article “From Farm to Table,” from the November/December 2013 issue.


  1. This is a nice companion piece to the excellent article in the magazine.

    I just wish that the photographer, Corey Hendrickson, were credited in the audio slideshow itself (e.g., “Rowan Jacobsen, with photographs by Corey Hendrickson”). The images are a critical part of any audio slideshow, after all.

  2. The audio slide: “From Farm to Table” reinforces Rowan Jacobsen’s message, a message we should repeatedly listen to and contemplate, in order to find America’s paths towards sustainability. Food Hubs can be an answer for connecting local food to people. In addition, I hope, they are an inspiration for many more positive solutions.

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