Bill Kittredge’s Reading List

I’m teaching grad students this winter at UC Irvine, and so I’m far from most of my books but here’s at least a list of what I’ve been reading and/or rethinking down here in Orange County — travel and fiction, imaginary worlds, masterpieces all and not quite fantasy.

Marilynne Robinson — Housekeeping
Franz Kafka — The Country Doctor
Patrick Leigh Fermor — A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods and the Water
D. H. Lawrence — The Sea and Sardinia
W. H. Merwin — The Folding Cliffs
Joseph O’Neill — Netherland
Michael Ondaatje — Divisadero
Lloyd Jones — Mister Pip
James Salter — A Sport and a Pastime
Dennis Johnson — Jesus’ Son
Haruki Murakami — Kafka at the Shore
Cormac McCarthy — Blood Meridian
Gabriel Garcia Marquez — One Hundred Years of Solitude
Wilfred Thesinger — Arabian Sands

William Kittredge, essayist, fiction writer, and formerly a professor at the University of Montana, is author of The Next Rodeo, The Willow Field, and Hole in the Sky. His recent contribution to Orion, a review of Jim Harrison’s book The English Major, appeared in the March/April 2009 magazine.


  1. I’m reading Hole in the Sky. Are you the author?

    I have searched high and low on the internet, and have been unable to find a thread.

    Please let me hear from you.

    I live on a ranch in South Texas,and want to email you.

    Attorney Rancher
    Encinal, TX

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