Charles C. Mann Discusses the Fate of Homo sapiens

Managing Editor Andrew Blechman speaks with author Charles C. Mann about evolutionary biology, overpopulation, and humankind’s place in the world. How is Homo sapiens doing, particularly compared to other species? Are we a successful species, and, if so, is our success killing us?


  1. As I have the book “THIRTY YEAR PLAN” I ordered “Change Everything Now” However i am unable to find “Wonder an Other Survival Skills”. Is thi8s Not published yet???

  2. Good question, Bill. Wonder is not available yet for pre-order. However, if you are on our once weekly email list, you’ll be the first to hear when it is. If you’re not, just put your email address in the blank under the heading “Join Our E-mail List” on any page at Orion’s site. And thanks!


  3. Is it possible to get an online copy of the 2011 article by C. Mann referenced in your most recent magazine? (The Homogenocene article)

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