Derrick Jensen on Upping the Stakes, Live Web Event on May 17, 2011

Derrick Jensen joined Orion staff and readers for a live web event on May 17, 2011. Jensen read from his essay in the May/June 2011 issue of Orion, “To Live or Not to Live,” and answered questions submitted by listeners on this and other essays he’s written for his column “Upping The Stakes.”

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  1. Hi Orion

    Please forward to Derrick Jensen

    Thank you for the reading and discussion of your May/June “To Live or Not to Live”.

    Just a few quick thoughts:
    -no mention of the capacity IT snooping/security – every library book, every mouse click (for those young and more visually inclines I suggest watching a TV series entitled “Prison Break” to get the flavor of resistance to domestic black ops
    capacity of gov.
    -no mention of entrapment/agent provacateurs
    -no mention of pre-trial punishments
    -no mention of the growing business of private for-profit- prisons

    And my observations of frogs, salamanders, dragon fly and bird: it is an understanding of weather patterns and rain fall that influence those migrations and populations so that they vary from year to year. Just cause you saw a million last year and not this year does not mean that industrial consumerism has wiped them out – although that might be true.

    Chop wood, carry water can bring into view at the up close level the importance of a cup of clean water; that water came from the “well” which required rainfall and snowpack availability which will be radically altered as the climate shifts. And here we are at activism!

    Thank you all for terrific work.

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