Further Reading on Bacteria

Garden of Microbial Delights: A Practical Guide to the Subvisible World
by Dorion Sagan and Lynn Margulis
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1993.

Prejudice and Bacterial Consciousness
by Lynn Margulis,
New England Watershed, April-May 2006
The roots of our consciousness may be found in bacterial communities.

Jointed Threads
by Lynn Margulis,
Natural History, June 2005
Josephy Leidy was the first to describe symbiotic bacteria growing together in long strings in animal intestines. Microbiological analyses now link the bacteria with anthrax.

What a Revelation Any Science Is!
by Lynn Margulis and Besty Palmer Eldridge
ASM News, Volume 71, Number 2, 2005.
Sensitive to the environment in which diseases occur, Howard T. Ricketts was one of the first great microbial ecologists.

Gaia and its Humans
by Dorion Sagan and Lynn Margulis,
paper for the 2005 Bioneers By the Bay, published in the quarterly newsletter of the Marion Institute.
A look at the Gaia Hypothesis.

On Syphilis & Nietszche’s Madness: Spirochetes Awake!
by Lynn Margulis
Daedelus,Fall 2004.
A bacterial link to the mind of genius.