Hawai’i Photographs

The following photos by Thea Linnaea Pyle accompany the Hawai’i/Christmas post.

Below: Nene geese and gosling

Below: A Land Called Hanalei

Below: Feral Fowl of Kaua’i–they seem like the island’s most abundant birds, since freed by a hurricane years ago

Below: Christmas decorations, Hawai’i-style

Below: red or starfish stinkhorn (Aseroe rubra), in Koke’e State Park, Kaua’i

Below: Native greenswords (a composite related to silverswords) at a Waimea Canyon overlook

Below: a spectacular succulent on Diamond Head, Oahu: name, anyone?

Below: watching Xuthus swallowtail and painted ladies hilltopping on Diamond Head, above Honolulu

Below: welcome back to snowy Portland

Below: Christmas with grandson Francis, who knows there’s a Santa (or two)


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